Minerals & Royalties

Helping You Understand Your Asset

Owning Minerals & Royalties interests can be quite complicated. It is important for you as a mineral owner to see the many facets of ownership issues involving title, heirship, division order decimals, and even determining the value of your asset.

You as an owner can be taxed with having not only to make quick decisions regarding leasing, purchasing, or valuation of your assets, but also realizing that ownership can be extremely difficult to fully comprehend all aspects of real property ownership.

Estate Planning Research

Our landmen perform title searches and prepare ownership reports specific to your interest so that your interest of record can be determined and your predecessor’s estate can be properly probated.

We have access to attorneys who can probate the estate of the deceased to ensure that your title is perfected and marketable.

Minerals & Royalties


Our team can do valuations of revenue streams on Held By Production (HBP) properties and fair market value analysis on all areas where no current drilling is present.

Division Orders

We will do a comprehensive review of your title and confirm all decimal calculations on your division of interest.

What our clients say

I reached out to Mark to help me understand the nature of some complicated oil and gas royalty interests in Oklahoma that were part of my late father's estate. Mark was able to quickly confirm the pay decimals, and the title on the most valuable asset with only one courthouse visit. He also connected me with the operators and purchasers which allowed me, as executor, to collect suspended funds for the estate. Mark also provided a market value of the producing properties to quickly facilitate a sale of the mineral holdings without probate. All of this happened by phone and email over the course of one month. Mark was easy to work with, he communicates clearly (and oil interests are a complex subject) and in a timely manner—and he is trustworthy. I highly recommend Mark.

Barbara Rendall - Mineral Owner – Roselle, Il

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Do you still have Questions?

Do you still have Questions?

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