Title Examination

All aspects of Title Management

Our staff has multiple landmen proficient in many basins all over the country specializing in multiple facets of title examination. We manage title data banks in many states with regards to images and title vaults or online courthouses.

We are proficient in the following:

Held By Production (HBP) Ownership Reports

Our Comprehensive Mineral & Leasehold Title Reports as well as Comprehensive Unit Summaries which include all owners in the section, provide a complete snapshot of current record title ownership. We can also provide mortgage and lien encumbrances of record.

Mineral Title Patent To Present

Our landmen prepare a complete title abstract and title run-sheet on your property by examining the mineral title from patent to present. This comprehensive ownership report identifies all owners in the tract or spacing (proration) unit.

Washita County Courthouse

Cursory Ownership Report

We prepare a quick Cursory Ownership Report (Mineral and Leasehold) to give our clients a snapshot of current owners in the mineral and leasehold chain of title whether the section is HBP or open of record.

Surface Title

We examine Surface Title for your negotiations for Right of Way (ROW) Agreements to ensure all surface ownership is current.

What our clients say

I have known Mark for more than 30 years and his core values of honesty, reliability and integrity have not changed over the years. I worked under his guidance to execute and deliver high quality work on several fast-paced projects. Mark comprehends the necessities of his clients and will get the work done quickly with excellence and attention to detail. Mark recognizes the competitive market among land brokerage companies. What sets him apart from other brokerage companies are his years of experience as an in-house land manager for several E&P companies and his experience managing land brokerage companies.  His land knowledge is broad, deep and thorough.

Jean Hall, VP Land & Business Development - Agena Natural Resources - Tulsa, Ok

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Do you still have Questions?

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