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We rectify Title Issues

In today’s environment with so many heirship issues, land owners are inheriting minerals from estates that have gone un-probated for decades.

Mineral owners of record can be two or three generations prior to you receiving the inheritance. Now, you as an owner of real property, are stuck with a “failed” title that your deceased grandparents cannot fix.

When this situation arises, contact us, and we will handle all issues to ensure you can gain “defensible and/or ultimately marketable title” for generations to come.

Title Requirement Analysis

We can perform a complete review of title requirements in the chain of title and will advise as to what documents are necessary to cure such title deficiencies.

Document Preparation

Our staff is highly specialized in preparing Affidavits of Heirship and Identity or probate documents where probate proceedings are necessary in order to “perfect” your title.

Title Curative

Release Suspended Funds

With our extensive experience with multiple operators in many areas, we can gain access to critical information and coordinate with the operator’s key personnel to cure title opinion requirements and achieve “pay” status to release your revenue stream.

For example, we were able to gain immediate access to the title opinion requirement, thru knowledge of the contacts within the company, and fully understand the title issue. As a result, we can solve the title requirement by preparing the necessary documents and filing said document in the county records.  

What our clients say

Mark and his expertise as a landman and knowledge of oil and gas affairs is amazing. I cannot say thank you enough for all he has done for me with my mineral title curative and heirship issues.  His concise advice and ultimate solution…priceless!  I am so blessed to have crossed paths with Mark!

Angela Turner - Mineral Owner - Yukon, Ok

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Do you still have Questions?

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