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The regulatory environment is key to understanding many facets of how to move forward in a drilling program no matter what the focus area. 

For example, we can navigate any State’s regulatory environment to determine the “lay of the land” for our clients and what hindrances may exist that will determine timing of putting a bit in the ground.

There are a number of “Endangered Species” nationwide and “Rules and Regulations” for oil & gas development and we can navigate this sometimes difficult path.

Our Experience in Oklahoma & Texas

The majority of our work at Star 46 Energy is in Oklahoma and Texas. We have a vast amount of experience in both states covering many facets of land services. For example, in Oklahoma, we specialize in preparing all of the applications for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) filings such as the Respondent Lists for Spacing, Increased Density, Location Exception and Pooling.

Our landmen are qualified to provide “Expert Witness” testimony and represent your company at all hearings.

Regulatory Affairs

In Texas, we will prepare Respondent Lists for Rule 37 and Rule 38 applications and are able to navigate the Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC) with great success by using the Maps GIS System, and all search queries including the following; Wellbore, Production Data, Proration (Gas), Proration (Oil) and Specific Lease.

Other States

In addition, we have extensive knowledge of many other States as well, so if you’re interested in our Regulatory Affairs services in other States, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

What our clients say

Frisco Draw Farms purchased a 2,300 acre surface tract in Hutchinson Co. TX. with approximately 120 oil and gas wells on the farm.  I contacted Mark Oates to ask if he could assist in determining how the wells are classified i.e. active, abandoned, plugged or shut-in and further, identify wells that have not produced for a period of time to determine if they should be plugged. If locations have been abandoned, Mark was to ensure all equipment has been removed and site restored to natural state. Mark, thru communication with the Texas Railroad Commission's "Open Records Department", was able to determine multiple violations of record and the remedies provided by operator and was also able to confirm that all wells are now in compliance with the Texas Railroad Commission and that there are no outstanding violations with the Commission.  Mark did a great job. I highly recommend him!

Isaac Isom, Partner - Frisco Draw Farms - Dallas, TX

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